HSC Result 2024 with Marksheet – All Education Boards

The HSC Result BD (Bangladesh) has been released. At the same time, the result of the HSC equivalent examination has been published. HSC equivalent exams are Alim and HSC Vocational. Today the results of HSC and equivalent exams of all education boards have been published simultaneously. Students can collect their results from their respective educational institutions. They can also know the HSC Result 2024 online and through SMS.

The education boards have already released a detailed procedure for getting the results online and through SMS. Simultaneously, the pass rate, total GPA-5, and board-wise statistics have been released. Let’s see all the information and statistics of HSC Result Bangladesh.

এইচএসসি ও সমমান পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ হয়েছে। এই বছর পাসের হার ৭৮.৬৪ শতাংশ। মোট জিপিএ-৫ পেয়েছে ৯২৩৬৫ জন।

HSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

HSC Result BD is the last public examination in Bangladesh. Students begin their higher education by clearing this examination. After a total of two years of studies, students have to participate in this examination. HSC and equivalent examinations are conducted under total nine General Education Boards and two Special Education Boards in Bangladesh. Students from Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Barisal, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Jessore and Mymensingh education boards participated in the HSC examination. Students of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board participated in Alim exam. Simultaneously students of Bangladesh Technical Education Board participate in HSC Vocational and HSC BM exams.

Students from various colleges, madrasas and vocational institutes of Bangladesh participate in this examination. Also, students from various private and foreign educational institutes participate in this exam. Students participate in this examination through various examination centers in Bangladesh as well as abroad. Examinations are conducted simultaneously in different groups on common schedule. Students of General Education Board participate in examinations from science, humanities and business studies group.

HSC Exam Result 2024

Dhaka, Mymensingh, Barisal, Comilla, Rajshahi, Jessore, Sylhet and Dinajpur Board HSC Equivalence Examination started on August 17. However, due to the natural calamity, Madrasa Education Board’s Alim and Technical Education Board’s HSC Vocational, BM-BMT and Diploma in Commerce and Chittagong Board’s HSC examinations 2024 were delayed on August 27.

13 lakh 59 thousand 342 students participated in the HSC and equivalent exams this year in 11 education boards of the country. Among them, there are 6 lakh 88 thousand 887 male students and 6 lakh 70 thousand 455 female students. Students participated in the examination from 9 thousand 169 institutes. The total number of examination centers across the country was 2,658. Compared to last year, the number of examinees increased by 1 lakh 55 thousand 935.

This year the number of candidates in 9 general education boards of the country is 11 lakh 8 thousand 594. Among them, there were 5 lakh 26 thousand 251 male students and 5 lakh 82 thousand 343 female students. The total number of candidates in the Alim exam is 98 thousand 31. Among them, there are 53 thousand 63 male students and 44 thousand 968 female students. The total number of candidates in technical education board is 1 lakh 52 thousand 717. Among them there are 1 lakh 9 thousand 573 male students and 43 thousand 144 female students. Let’s take a look at some important information about HSC Exam 2024 at a glance.

Examination NameHigher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
Exam Start30 June 2024
Exam End12 August 2024
Total Candidates13,59,342
Total Education Board11
Results Date26 September 2024
Official websitewww.educationboardresults.gov.bd

HSC Result Publish Date 2024

Traditionally in Bangladesh, the results are published within 60 days of the completion of any public examination. Accordingly, the results of the HSC and equivalent examination 2024 will be published in the last week of September 2024. The education boards have sent the proposed date of result publication to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education has sent it to the Prime Minister’s Office. The Prime Minister has agreed to release the results on Sunday, September 26, 2024. The result will be published at 10 am today.

HSC Result 2024 Date: 26 September 2024

How to Check the HSC Result 2024?

You can know your result in different ways. Notable methods are-

  1. Direct: You can collect the result directly from your educational institution. You can know your result from your college/institution notice board. The feeling of seeing the results together with friends is amazing.
  2. Online: You can easily check your result online at home. For this you can collect your result from the designated website. Apart from your education board’s official website, the education boards publish the results through several websites.
  3. SMS: The easiest way to know the result is through SMS. Wherever you are, in whatever condition you are, you can know the result by sending a message from your mobile phone.
  4. Apps: You can check your results using apps on your Smartphone. It also works like a website.

You can know the HSC and equivalent exam result 2024 by any of the mentioned methods. Let’s go into detail about those methods. You can easily check your detailed result by any of the following methods.

Web based Result

Web Based HSC Result is basically, online result. Online HSC Result 2024 can be known from several websites. Notable among these is eboardresults. Students of all education boards can know the result from this website apart from their respective education board website. Let’s see how to get HSC and equivalent results easily and quickly through eboardresults.com website.

Web based Result
  1. Visit the eboardresults.com website from any browser.
  2. Click here to go to the result page.
  3. Select “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” as exam.
  4. Select “2024” as the pass year.
  5. Select your education board name.
  6. Select “Individual Result” as the result type.
  7. Enter your roll and registration number.
  8. Complete the security check.
  9. Click on Get Result button.

By the above method you can know the result of any education board. HSC Result 2024 without registration number can be known from this website. But to know detailed result with Marks both roll and registration number will be required.

Apart from individual results, institution-wise, center-wise and district-wise results can be downloaded from eboardresult website. Also board analysis and results statistics of the institutions can also be known from this website.

Education Board Result

HSC and equivalent exam Result 2024 of all education boards will be known from Education Board Results website. Education Board Results Website is a website of Ministry of Education. Through this all education boards publish their results. Students of General Education Board, Madrasa Education Board and Technical Education Board can know their result from here. Both roll and registration number will be required to check result through www.educationboardresults.gov.bd website. Follow the guidelines below to know the All Education Board Result 2024.

Education Board Result
  1. Click here to access the www.educationboardresults.gov.bd website.
  2. Select “HSC/Alim” or other option from Examination option.
  3. Select “2024” from the Year option.
  4. Select your board from the board options.
  5. Type your roll and registration number.
  6. Enter the sum of the two numbers on the left in the right cell.
  7. Check the result by clicking the submit button.

Note that the short result will be available instantly from this website. Detailed results will be available here after a few moments. The detailed results will contain the letter grade and GPA obtained in all subjects.

HSC Result by SMS

SMS is the most effective way to know HSC and equivalent exam results. Any student can know the result from any place through message. It is affordable and easy, especially for students in remote areas. If there is no internet facility or if there is a difficulty to see the result online, the result can be known immediately by sending a message from any mobile phone. As soon as the result is published, the result will be informed in a return message to the student’s number. To know the result through SMS, write a message like below from any mobile phone operator.

  • HSC [Space] 1st Three Letters of Board Name [Space] Roll Number [Space] 2024
  • The message should be sent to 16222.

If the SMS is sent successfully, Teletalk will inform the result of the student in the return message. The return message will contain the student’s name, roll number; grade obtained and subject wise result. Students of any education board can send messages from any mobile operator according to the above rules. Standard SMS charges will apply for each message. For detailed board wise instructions you can follow your education board section from below.

HSC Marksheet 2024

Marksheets are required for various activities of educational life. Moreover, students and parents are interested to know how many marks have been obtained in any subject after the release of the results. In view of this, the education boards publish the HSC Mark sheet every year. In continuation of other years, this year also the education boards have released the HSC Result 2024 with marksheet on their respective official websites. Follow the instructions below to know the detailed result along with marksheet.

  1. Visit the official website of your education board.
  2. Enter the HSC Result 2024 menu/link.
  3. Enter the Individual Results option.
  4. Provide the required information.
  5. Click on Get Result/Submit/Search Result button.

Note that the HSC marksheet contains the GPA obtained by the student, the subject wise letter grade as well as the marks of all the subjects. Marks obtained by the student in CQ and MCQ are mentioned separately.

Visit the official website to check your education board marksheet. Follow your board section from the options below for official website links and instructions.

Alim Result 2024

Alim Result 2024 is published along with HSC Result 2024. It is HSC equivalent examination for Madrasa Education. Students of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board participated in Alim exam. The total number of candidates in Alim exam is 98 thousand 31 this year. Among them, there are 53 thousand 63 male students and 44 thousand 968 female students. Students of total 2 thousand 688 educational institutions of the country participated in this examination. Alim exam 2024 is conducted in 449 exam centers.

Like other education boards, students of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board can know their exam results online, SMS, apps and from their respective educational institutions. Detailed instructions regarding the result can be obtained from the official website of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board.

Apart from online, the Alim exam result 2024 will be known through SMS. For this you have to go to the message option of any mobile phone and write-

  • HSC [Space] MAD [Space] Roll Number [Space] 2024
  • The message should be sent to 16222.

After Sending the Message, your result will be sent to your Mobile Number in a reply instantly.

HSC Vocational and BM Results 2024

Students of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) participated in HSC Vocational and HSC BM Examination. It is an HSC equivalent examination in Bangladesh. The Technical Education Board exam was supposed to start along with other education boards, but due to natural calamities, it started a few days later. Although it started late, the exam ended along with other boards and the results were released today as well.

This year, the total number of candidates in the technical education board is 1 lakh 52 thousand 717. Among them, there are 1 lakh 9 thousand 573 male students and 43 thousand 144 female students. Students participated in this examination from a total of 1 thousand 834 educational institutions. 674 centers are set up for the students of Technical Education Board.

Technical education board students will know their results like HSC, Alim and equivalent exam results. Apart from online or SMS, they can collect the results from their educational institutions. The result along with the detailed marksheet can be known from the technical education board website.

To know the Technical Education Board Result through SMS, send an SMS according to the instructions below.

Enter the message option of your mobile phone and write-

  • HSC [Space] TEC [Space] Roll Number [Space] 2024
  • Send the message to 16222.

If you sent the Message Successfully, instantly you will be received your Result in a Reply.